Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Heart My New Gig

I have posts brewing that require a lot of photo archiving, so they will be a smidge out of date when they reach you. In the mean time, I have exciting news that doesn't require visual aids (thank goodness, you'll be saying, in just a moment...):

I have my first theatrical directing job! (Unless you count the time I taught summer school in Utah and directed a mash-up of Grease and The Importance of Being Earnest with middle-schoolers, but I'm guessing you don't.)

And...I'm directing The Vagina Monologues! No, not the one I auditioned for a couple months back. I know that's confusing. This is a totally different production, produced by three San Diego pro-women non-profit organizations (I need to check if I'm allowed to blog about them) and--did I mention?--directed by ME!

My friend Barb attended their first meeting and learned that they were still looking for a director, and sang my praises. Thank you, Barb! A couple days after a long phone call in which I tried for once in my life not to downplay my accomplishments, I was having lunch with my four new bosses and getting a crash course in activism and fund-raising. We also had a tour of the gorgeous, recently-refurbished Art Deco Birch Theatre, which seats 731, and interviewed their charming house manager and publicity director.

Today, we met to discuss various techniques to fill those seats. And tomorrow, we start rehearsals proper. I will be casting from a large group of enthusiastic women who are members of the aforementioned organizations, and possibly a few local celebrities, to be determined. We're hoping to have "Rehearsal Happy Hour" (don't worry, there won't actually be drinking involved) every Friday night, but tomorrow is big because I will be reading everyone and deciding where they fit.

In the mean time, I've printed and bound my director's copy of V-Day 2011, and am brushing up on the rules and guidelines. It's all very exciting. We might even open with a song--my idea, I must confess.

Funny, one of my resolutions for 2011 was "Direct a play." And here it is, still January. Who says I'm a big procrastinator? (Well, I do, but this time the universe played a little prank on me.)

We'll see if this experience transforms me into one of those "I Heart My Vagina"-t-shirt-wearing types. Hard to imagine, but stay tuned.


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Congrats Sam!

Caroline said...

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Hope it's wonderful (and that you'll keep us up to date on all the fun).

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see it!

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Oh, wow, that's great!!!!! Way to go! lix

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You go, girl! Many congrats!!