Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girlish Weekend

Operation Baby Shower is under way. I am writing from L.A., from my very own air mattress in Lindsey and Thomas's apartment. Lindsey and I had a lovely walk to Whole Foods with our recyclable bags, and returned with cage-free eggs, hydroponic watercress, organic chives and various other yummies to make egg salad for tea sandwiches tomorrow. I know it's untraditional to prepare the shower with the guest of honor, but it's fun; I can't remember the last time we chopped vegetables together. Now the boiled eggs are resting in their ice water bath and soon we'll head out to dinner somewhere special.

Which is an embarrassment of riches, because I've already had a scrumptious lunch out today, my friend Bryan's treat, at his favorite place in Beverly Hills, Kate Mantilini. He seems to know everyone there. We shared the Grand Marnier french toast and talked non-stop for two hours. I was so chill afterwards that I didn't even get stressed out by the lights on Wilshire. Not so true of the traffic on the freeway coming up; even with the comforting pings and cadences of the GPS, I was gripping the steering wheel like it was Play-Doh. For the record, I am not a fan of driving in L.A.

It's been a big week--lots of shower plans, and my second rehearsal for "VM." Though I had a whole new crop of faces the second time, they were no less enthusiastic than the first batch; I love how open and willing they are to plunge right into whatever I suggest.

And this was also a landmark week, Readers, because I went back to college. That's right, I'm a shiny co-ed again, swinging my book satchel as I cross the quad. Thanks to a suggestion from my friend Lisa, I've registered for an Advanced Acting class at Grossmont--the professor was kind enough to waive the three prerequisites--and already taken my first class. Let's just say I was the only one in there to whom he did not give the advice "That Shakespeare character is too old for you. Choose another soliloquy." That's okay, though, because my acting self needs toughening up. I can tell I'll learn a lot. And already I've experienced ridiculous pleasure from the act of purchasing a parking pass. I'm back, baby! And I'm gonna rule the school.


Caroline said...

You ARE going to rule that school. Sounds so fun! Hope it's a blast.

Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope the shower is super fun! xx lix

Jen said...

That's wonderful!!!! I can't wait to hear more!

And I hope the shower went great. I know it did.


Michelle said...

Embarrassment of riches=awesome! I'm going to steal that.

I'm sure your sis was happy to help out. Sounds like a fun weekend.

And for some reason, I believe you when you say you're gonna rule the school! ;)