Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tonsorial Temptation

It has come to pass. The moment much discussed with other, more seasoned moms, the moment I always secretly, smugly believed my child was far too sensible for.

No, it's textbook. Like a love of bubbles and balloons, a need to write on the walls, and the sudden, inexplicable peeing in the pants while 10 feet from the bathroom.

Jarrah hacked off some of her hair. Several pieces, about three inches long. Which should be really obvious on her straight, shiny curtain of near-blackness, but for some reason, isn't yet.

We were sleeping at the time. Had begged for a few more minutes. She said okay. But the Scooby Doo movie, apparently, was over. The cinnamon toast was dispatched. There was only one thing left to do.

Pick up those pink Hello Kitty snippers and SNIP! And now it is done, for posterity. Mark the date on the calendar. Two weeks from her fifth birthday, Jarrah heeded the siren call of the scissors.

I've cut up bills, tickets, money, socks and stuffed animals. I've really enjoyed that. But the thrill is gone. I need to get that buzz again. Maybe if I cut up something I've never cut before. My pajamas? No, the princesses have immunity. But hey! What's this hanging over my face? It looks so...cuttable. And hey! Don't people pay money to have their hair cut? And hasn't Mommy been saying it's been way too long? Heck, I'd be doing everyone a favor here!

Off to SuperCuts to obscure the damage.


Myrnie said...

Oh no! *crossing fingers this never occurs to Ernie*

Jennifer said...

So sorry, but ya know, it's a right of passage! Just imagine how terrible I felt when it happened in my kindergarten class. I had a table of kids that went crazy with their scissors while I was working with another group. I heard this "snip, snipping" and turned around to discover the craziness. One little girl had cut off one of her pigtails. Two others had cut each other's hair. I think I screamed, "put those scissors downs" so loud it scared the entrie class. I just wanted to cry. Luckily the parents were quite understanding and didn't blame me. :)

Just will grow back!

Joan said...

Somewhere I have a photo of my brother, aged six, in a school photo, teeth missing and a huge matching gap in his hair over his forehead, and his home-knitted jumper on inside out. As you say, an attempt at home hair-dressing is a keynote event in the life of many a child.

Jen said...

Oh, dear! Very funny post, Sam. I hope Super Cuts is able to minimize the damage. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I think my first trip to a real hair salon was the result of when my mother let my sister cut my hair--I think we were something like 8 and 10! I preferred to try out my dad's razor and then waited, terrified for the stubble to grow in.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! And her hair was so pretty... Let's hope it grows back quickly. :) Lix

Mary said...

I cut my hair, right next to my scalp when I was about her age!

It looks luscious, anyhow!



The Wades said...

I'd love to see a picture. I'll have to check out FB.

My daughter Brooke took a big chunk out of her bangs when she was around four or five. I was horrified--we had been growing her bangs out for months. I couldn't help myself--I started bawling. It was more of a laugh, cry. My sis-in-law was there witnessing my whole pathetic reaction. It happened to be my bday. I threw that right at her cute little face as if it mattered. "You cut your hair on MY birthday?? Is that my present?!" Not a finer parenting moment but funny to look back on. The really funny part came when we realized Brooke also cut a chunk our of her cousin's hair. That part made me laugh. My sis-in-law teased me that it was horrible that she cut her own but funny that she cut her daughter's.

You know, I ended up liking her hair way better after the "accident." It looked so cute with the shorter length and her bangs pinned to the side.

How are you adjusting?