Monday, August 24, 2009

See You On The Flip Side

Conversation with Jarrah on the way to the car after camp today:

Jarrah: Mommy, can you tell me about the Haunted Mansion?

Sam: What do you want to know about it?

Jarrah: Is it scary?

Sam: Yes. Well, sort of. There's music, and ghosts flying around, and you ride in a little car...

Here's where I had one of those moments that make me want to kick myself.

Sam: (in a confidential tone) I loved that ride. I used to kiss boys in there.

Jarrah: (alarmed) They make you kiss boys in there?!?

Sam: No, no, no. They don't make you. I wanted to.

Jarrah: Were they ghosts???

Sam: No, they were human. (under my breath) I think.

Jarrah: Why did you want to kiss boys in there?

Sam: Well, it was dark, and only two to a car, and the ride took a long time...

Jarrah: It sounds really scary.

Sam: It wasn't that scary. There was music.

Jarrah: And ghosts.

Sam: They don't bother you. (pause) When I was really little, I used to get soooo scared at the beginning when they stuff you into this little room. I'll never forget how this scary man's voice would say "THERE ARE NO WINDOWS AND NO DOORS. OF COURSE, THERE'S ALWAYS MYYYY WAY OUT. MWAH HUH HUH HUH."

Jarrah: Can you tell that part again?


Robyn said...

I love that you can still recite the Haunted Mansion spiel. That's priceless for a Disney geek like myself!



DrSpouse said...

Now you have me wanting to go back!

Aunt LoLo said...

When we were kids, my little brother (who was 3 or 4?) BEGGED to go in the Haunted Mansion. We waited in line and finally made it inside. When we made it into the little room, and the lights started to flicker...that little three year old boy, with the thick dark hair and impossibly long eyelashes, threw his arms up into the air, screamed "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and ran straight out the door and into the crowds. My mother was standing there with her mouth hanging open. The whole escapade took about three seconds. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jen said...

LOL!!!!!! Yes, indeed, you are bringing back memories for another Disney geek.

katydidnot said...

yes, will you tell that part again?

Anonymous said...

It's indeed the perfect makeout spot! :) lix

Calvin said...

See, thats smart. I tried to go for one on Indiana Jones, which is a little faster and a whole lot bumpier.

Sam said...

Yeah, well they didn't have Indiana Jones when I was making use of Disneyland rides. ;) And then there was the amazing "Innerspace," anyone remember that? A ride with no other function than to provide a quiet, dark place for making out while you ostensibly rolled through an atom or molecule or somesuch. And those cars were really PRIVATE. And then they got rid of the ride just because it was slow and boring or whatever. Who cared that it was slow and boring? That was the whole point!

Prosy said...

hahaha, I just can imagine the shocked indignant tone of "they make you kiss boys in there?!"
oh the humanity!

Mary said...

Adventure Thru Inner Space!

I LOVED that ride. But, not because I was making out on it. I just loved the idea that I could shrink to the size of an atom. I am geeky scientist deep inside.



Sam said...

LOL, Mary. I read that Wiki article on Innerspace. All that was happening? I only remember the making out. Who knew? ;)

The Wades said...

You were just--Keepin' it real, dog, keepin' it real.

(Did you channel Randy Jackson on that?)