Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Which Opening Night Lives Up To The Hype

Last night's show was a blast. In a couple of hours, I have another one--this time I'll be playing the "young, pretty child" Dorimene, she of the "bulging little breasts." I've got my push-up on--that's all I can do. As for the young part, well, at least I know I'll be glowing: we're in the midst of the first real heat wave of summer, and there's nothing like eight layers of floor-length polyester to get you in the mood to emote.

Last night, I didn't have any costume changes because I was a gypsy the whole time. After changing at the theater (our first meeting spot) I was free to start sweating like crazy in the clothes I would wear throughout the show. I watched Rachel affixing the tall, white wig with terror in my heart, knowing that would be me the next I really can't imagine how hot my head is going to be, and what a fright my hair will look when I take it off for the gypsy scene. David suggested I stick a "freezer brick" in there to cool me off. He has such adorable terms for things.

We arrived at Shelter Island in full costume, ready to trot around greeting our potential guests and offering them brochures about our play. A few people threw their arms over their faces when we approached, yelping about having been accosted by several others of our kind. We were like the "free French farce" version of the Hare Krishnas. If we had promised a vegetarian feast afterward, maybe we would have gotten a better reception.

Parking is scary down there--we were lucky to find a space ourselves--so I was kind of worried that David and Jarrah would be very late. They made it--just barely--and indeed we had quite the audience, nearly all of whom actually stayed put until the curtain call. They were even enthusiastic during the "seventh scene stretch," which I took part in last night--tonight I will be performing elaborate moves in my underwear while others do-si-do.

I was sitting in the audience for most of the show, and while we didn't get the belly laughs I had been hoping for, people seemed to like it. Everyone was really on, and the energy was high. And when I crawled cat-like through the audience for my gypsy cue, I was in the zone and ready to make the most of my 30 seconds. I do think the gypsies were very well-received and we got a couple laughs. I'm not sure what sort of moves I was doing out there, but today one of my feet aches.

After the show, we all returned our costumes and props to the theater, and then headed to Tender Greens for a celebratory dinner. For once, a show was actually getting out at dinner time, which was nice. I had planned said dinner, and really had no idea how much of the cast would show up, but everybody was there--EVERYBODY. That felt really good. And eating really lovely, healthy food at a huge table together on the patio in the no-sleeves-required evening air rocked, too. A few of us hung back and told stories until midnight, which is apparently my new favorite thing to do. Nice work, if you can get it. I could get used to this.

Whoops, I already have.


Stephanie said...

You were fantastic tonight!

Myrnie said...

It all sounds great :)

David said...

Samantha was fantastic, come and see her perform again next Saturday in OB.

The Wades said...

That's it--I'm moving to San Diego. ;)

What a crazy life you lead. Incredible really.

Caroline said...

Freezer bricks, mysterious acting injuries, and Second Gypsy creeping through the audience for her cue. I love your blog! :)

And I am so bummed to have missed the play!