Friday, August 14, 2009

It's A Working Title

Tonight begins the 2009 incarnation of the 48 Hour Film Project. Here's a description of the contest from their website:

What We're About

The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie—write, shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours.

On Friday night, you get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, all to include in your movie. 48 hours later, the movie must be complete. Then it will show at a local theater, usually in the next week.

In 2008, some 30,000 filmmakers made films in 70 cities. This year, we're even bigger, with filmmakers around the world taking the challenge to make a film in just 48 hours.

Sounds pretty crazy, huh? Even crazier is that David and I have entered for the past five years--this will be our sixth. And we're still married. Barely.

Our team has changed from year to year. This time, we have a bunch of fresh blood from my theater group, all eager and bright-eyed. Suckers.

If you are new to the blog and want to know how it turned out for us the past couple of years, you can read all about it here and here.

And if you want to see what we come up with this year, sashay on down to the Hazard Center UltraStar Theaters on Wednesday, August 19th at 8:00 p.m. to see us on the big screen. And vote for Cane Toad Productions--I'm not telling you all this in the name of art and altruism, people.

The big question is: will we get Stoner Film/Martial Arts as our genre? Or something actually difficult?

Before I go, a big shout-out to Paul and Mary, who whisk Jarrah away from the sordid underbelly of the fringe entertainment world for the entire weekend so we can indulge our inner teenagers. We owe you big-time, M and P.


Stephanie said...

Have a great time! I know you'll do great!

Myrnie said...

Have fun :)

Joan said...

Wish we could share it with you -- filming or minding Jarrah! Look forward to seeing the end result.

Stephanie said...

Soooo, what genre did you get?

Sam said...

We got Detective/Cop! It's the most specific genre we've had in six years. The script is awesome, but we're still in the thick of editing. I'll write a "set diary" this week. Think good thoughts for us finishing on time!!!

Caroline said...

Ooh! Big juicy behind the scenes story coming soon! Yay!

Aunt LoLo said...

Ooh....Thank you to Paul and Mary, INDEED. Have a great weekend!

The Wades said...

You two are awesome--and so are Paul and Mary. What good friends!

David said...

Not only is the script awesome, the resulting film is our best yet! And completed on time!!!! Co-written and co-directed by my lovely talented wife.

Stephanie said...


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Ooooo! I wish there'd been live blogging over the weekend . . . maybe that would have been a bit too much like blood letting.

Can't wait to read all about it!