Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Have a Nice Day

Because I sure did. None of it was baby-related. Except maybe the part where I kept showing everyone Ruo-Ruo's picture. And talking about her constantly. :)

I had a rousing NIA class this morning--the room was packed despite the proximity to Christmas, what a nice surprise! I felt like I was back in a big way from my recent malaise. Grace came and brought her sister-in-law, who was taking her first class and had a great time. Afterwards Grace gave me a pendant with the Chinese character for "Love" on it and brought tears to my eyes. Then they invited me to lunch with the rest of their families, and I got to talk about Ruo-Ruo some more. And get lots of hugs from two adorable six-year-old girls.

From there I drove to La Jolla to meet Jane at her parents' house. The sun was glinting off the world in that perfect Winter Solstice way. I love hanging at Jane's house. For one thing, the snacks rock--today, satsumas, toast with English cheddar and homemade guava jelly. And great coffee, always. I get to chat with Jane and her parents at their big kitchen table and it's so relaxing. I met Jane on my first day at UCSD because we were sharing an office at Muir Writing. I admired her shoes and she told me that the strap kept breaking and what should she do? I adored her instantly, and we've been pals ever since. She only lived in San Diego that first year, but I have visited her in San Francisco and New York several times. And lucky for me, she always flies back to the nest here. Now she's a dermatologist and I'm very lucky that she can fix my face, should it ever need fixing. ;) And she's just damn good company.

We took a walk on La Jolla Shores beach, where the waves were pounding up and down like the North Shore of Oahu. It was so cool. We walked and got caught up on each other's lives, but that never really happens because we end up getting diverted into five conversations at once. Later, we got changed into what David would call "finery" and met him downtown at a new place I've been wanting to try called Confidential, so confidential that it seems to have no sign. It had all kinds of light displays inside and white, white furniture. The menu is tapas and we had these yummy little burgers called "sliders." The food was tiny but delicious, and the drinks were slurp-licious.

It was a nice, nice day. I hope I can sleep after the espresso granita I had for dessert.

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