Monday, July 04, 2011

Day Four: Paradise/Ennui

On the plane to Cairns. The flight is so full we're not even sitting together. Even though I booked our seats on-line. “Sometimes they just need to move people around,” the gate agent told me. Um, okay. We also spent about a half-hour trying to weigh and check our own bags, because apparently we work for the airlines now. I got very tense. Just finished watching Unknown, which didn't help. Jarrah has squeezed past me five times now to go to the bathroom. Definitely ready to get off.

Today was a stunningly beautiful day in Sydney. But by the time we had had breakfast and packed up the room, we only had about an hour to wander around. We headed down to Darling Harbour, and ended up finding a whole new area, with rides and fountains and a Chinese Garden. The sun was out and the day was sparkling. A little walk took us to Paddy's Markets, which kind of reminded me of our swap meet at home, only with more hair extensions. (Cool ones, too—I was tempted.)

They just offered us ice cream and I said no. That's how much sugar we've already had today. Someone is picking us up at the airport and “transferring” us to our hotel, Paradise on the Beach. Wouldn't it be cool if that turns out not to be hyperbole?

It's not hyperbole. Right on the beach. Part of a little tropical village called Palm Cove with like 30 restaurants and shops. Crawling with families. Our resort is very casual but the room is huge, more of a suite with a large living room, kitchenette and bedroom.

Yet somehow I have been hideously cranky since we arrived. It was an hour trek from the airport, and almost dark on arrival. We learned that we can't get any breakfast before our excursion tomorrow, so we bought some cereal at the shop. Then we walked up and down the boulevard reading menus, agog at the prices. If you want a steak, it's 50 dollars, no joke. It started annoying me mightily. Finally settled on a pizza place where the waiter assiduously ignored us and we paid a million dollars for a personal-sized pizza and a kid's meal. I was despairing, imagining us eating this way every night, and just then I saw the belly-up giant cockroach near the kitchen. Looooovely. Jarrah begged us to play at the beach playground, during which we discovered we were locked out of the room and the lobby isn't open at night. While David was figuring that out I watched a giant bat sail down the middle of the street. Luckily, the night manager was chill and we got in no problem. I have a feeling it's like my honeymoon in Kauai where it took me a couple days to get on island time and then it was great. I am missing the city. Gearing up for bedtime now, and a big day tomorrow.


Jen said...

Loving your posts! That petting zoo looked amazing! What a wonderful experience for Jarrah. It sounds like you are all having a great time, despite the frustrations of country life. I hope you get on "island time" soon. Keep the great photos coming! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Remember the rest and relaxation part of a vacation? Or at least a good night's sleep.

Mary said...

Wow! Sounds like Hong Kong dollars for the food! Remember?

Jarrah is so photogenic