Friday, July 29, 2011

And She's Back

Man, I guess I was a little burnt out on blogging after all those trip posts. But I'm back! A little over a week now. Tonight is my stand-up comedy debut. "Debut" sounds a bit fancy for stand-up, but I feel like the occasion warrants it. I'll be performing with five other students from my comedy workshop, plus three professional comedians. We had our dress rehearsal last night, and it went reasonably well considering that two days ago I had no clue what I was going to say. Now my biggest fear is getting up there and blanking--unlike in a play, no one can save me. Luckily, it's a friendly audience, in case I do get a case of the thousand-yard stares.

Just had a massage and a facial. Which might sound a bit decadent, but frankly, I've been trying to find any excuse to be out of the house between 9-5 each day. David's at work, and thank goodness J is at Splash camp, or this wandering Jew state would be worse. At least I've made it to the gym every day. So, we returned home to a lot of progress on our new bathroom, but each day that progress seems to get slower. Tile had to be re-ordered. Glass door never arriving. I know I'm being spoiled since we've only been around for a week of this and they did complete the drywall and other messy stuff in our absence. But I'm seriously looking forward to stripping that @#$%&* muslin taped across our bedroom floor and vacuuming the hell out of it. Our bed is filled with drywall and splinters.

We made it to Comic-Con as planned the day after (!) our return, and even Jarrah held up pretty well. She did sleep through Penn & Teller, but considering they were promoting a show called "Bulls--t," I'm mighty glad. That and the Buffy sing-a-long with a surprise visit from Nicholas Brendon (Xander, squeeee!) were the highlights of our two days. I'm just about done with Comic-Con, and not because it isn't all kinds of awesome. It's just it's reached a critical mass such that you have to wait at least two hours (that's right, two HOURS) for any panel you really want to see or you won't get in. And we're talking halls that hold 5,000! I likened the situation to waiting 2 hours for Space Mountain, getting right up to the ride and hearing "Sorry, we've decided to close it." That just sucks, and it happened to us four or five times. I was especially sad for David and Jarrah that we made it THIS CLOSE to Dr. Who and were turned away.

Other than construction and Comic-Con and comedy, what other "C's" have taken our time? Hmmm. Let's introduce some other letters. David and I went to a fun party at Sunset Cliffs (there's a C!) while Jarrah had a blissful sleepover with her friend Nathan--she was so happy to be back with people her own age. And we had dinner with Joy and fam after the Con on Sunday, and that was great, too.

Oh, we're gearing up for 48 Hours, too--it's next weekend already, oy. We have a planning meeting this weekend and are assembling a killer team. Of course, every year I'm convinced I will blank on the funny, but I just need to keep the faith.

I've been out every night this week rehearsing and I've forged some sweet bonds with my fellow and sister comics. Putting on a play is very bonding, but something about preparing one's most embarrassing personal information for public ridicule has a way of speeding the process.

All this excitement has got me seriously tired. And no naps or sleeping in, due to the bedroom situation. I actually resorted to a catnap in my car (more Cs) yesterday; I was so desperate. My left eye has been twitching fiercely. Saturday I hope to stay in my pajamas for most of the day.

But first, tonight! Think good thoughts for me, won't you, Readers?


Jen said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes! xoxo

Logical Libby said...

I want to hear about the bathroom!! How is it coming?