Wednesday, December 01, 2010

High Tea: The 5-Year-Old Perspective

1. Cool hats! And beads! I'm wearing all of them! Oh no, wait. I'm wearing this giant white bow on my head. I look like a million bucks in this bow.

2. Why is my tea cup smaller than everybody else's? Oooh, there's apple juice in it. Yum.

3. Oh my freaking stars. Please say those are actually pink, heart-shaped sugar cubes in that bowl. I'm eating all of them. Now.

4. The lady just asked me not to bang my knife and fork together over and over. Something about them being "old."

5. The food is on a tower! My ham sandwich is shaped like a flower! Why is it only one bite? Oh, all four of my sandwiches are only one bite. That's okay--I'll just eat Mommy's, too.

6. There is no point to the middle section. It seems to have some sort of fruit on it.

7. The clotted cream and lemon curd are in suspiciously tiny bowls. But I'll just lick them and then no one else will want them.

8. What's that you say? Break the scone into bite-size pieces? There you go. Bite-size pieces. Twenty-seven of them.

9. Mommy got a cupcake. I didn't. I'll just eat hers. She won't mind. Bet she'll hand over her truffle and her sugar cookie, too. Sweet! She did.

10. I want to go upstairs. I think there's something good up there. Possibly candy. Mommy says no. I'll just keep asking every few seconds.

11. Mommy says no every time I volunteer to eat the rest of the sugar cubes. Sensing a theme here?

12. I asked Mommy if we could go now. We've already been here 47 minutes. She said I could eat the rest of the sugar cubes.

13. Sugar cubes are gone. Can we go now?

14. The lady let me go upstairs. Mommy won't buy me a ceramic garden frog. She is no fun at all.

15. I'm starving! Can I eat the sugar cubes on the other tables?


Myrnie said...

Hahaha.....and thus my resolve is strengthened to not actually take my children anywhere until they're at least 10 ;o) (I kid...kind of ;)

Jen said...

OOOOOOO!!!!! Where did you go? Were you at that place we visited where you get to wear fancy hats? (Where was that again?) I LERVED this post. You're making me all nostalgic. And I'm kicking myself for not making you give me your cupcake before.

xoxo dahling!

Sam said...

LOL, Miss J! :) Who knew I was so easy where cupcakes are concerned? In a former life, I might have wrestled someone to the ground for it. ;)

It's a new place in La Mesa called The Enchanted Garden. Very beautiful decor and lovely floral china, all different types. Lots of hats.

The food was delish but QUITE small. I wasn't full after. :) 'Course, I only got about half what was coming to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! :) How come they always eat your food when you also want to eat it, but when it's something you've slaved over to cook especially for them b/c they said they liked it last time, they don't want it? Hm. Lix

Stephanie said...

I can totally see this, awesome. Happy Hannukah!

Logical Libby said...

Pink heart shaped sugar? I would have had those things GONE.

Sam said...

@Myrnie: I hear ya, girl! Smart! :)

@Lix: I wonder the very same thing. :)

@Steph: Thank you, dear!

@Libby: LOL! My biggest regret is I didn't get a single one. I am not above putting away many, many sugar cubes, when given my druthers. Which I was not given. :)

Caroline said...

I loved high tea with you at the Westgate, but, man, the sugar was so not pink and heart shaped. Kinda ruins my nostalgia. ;)

DrSpouse said...

Sounds terribly frou frou. Round here high tea would involve ham or cheese, doorstep bread, and possibly something like scrambled egg. And you guys think we're dainty and snobbish.

Sam said...

@Katie: I don't think that. :) I completely understand that our version of English High Tea is a complete farce. But it's a tasty farce. :)

Michelle said...

Way cute. I especially enjoyed the 47 minutes comment. It's amazing how exhausting it is for children to SIT in a restaurant once their food is gone. Ha!

LunaMoonbeam said...

Umm....yeah. ;-) sounds fancy! I remember going to high tea with my mom when I was 8.