Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boast Post

Got a card in the mail from Jarrah's teacher (oddly, the card was addressed to "Jerred," but we'll just assume that was the handiwork of her helper elves.) Wanted to share these two photos she included.

The framed birthday-with-crown pose was the cover of the card, and the classic "plush draidel beauty shot" (haven't you heard? this one is required of all Jews annually) was inside.

First of all, I think these are lovely pics, and really show how grown up our little Miss J is getting. She looks ready for prom in the draidel one (though hopefully she won't be holding a large stuffed top in that photo. Not that I know anything about it--I didn't go to prom--so who knows? Maybe that's what the girls are carrying these days, instead of rhinestone clutches.)

And I also think it's so sweet for Mrs. R to send cards to her students with special photos inside. I mean, what a great idea! Right? We feel really lucky to have her this year, especially since Jarrah was able to read us the note inside all by herself.

P.S. How weird is it that Jarrah has lost two teeth and two more magically appeared in their place only days later? It's like it never happened.


Caroline Bridges said...

Beautiful girl! And, yes, love the card idea.

Michelle said...

What a teacher! That is impressive indeed.

What a beautiful girl!!

LunaMoonbeam said...

Oh my goodness...when did she turn into a big girl?!

Cute pictures!

Jen said...

Great pix! And exciting about the teeth!

And omg I totally forgot her birthday! I am sorry!!!! Hope she doesn't mind something arriving a little late. xoxo

Laural Out Loud said...

Jarrah is beautiful!! This is the age where they lose their little kids faces and turn into big kids. Such a fun age, too (if you can laugh through the sass, lol).

Mary said...

What an awesome teacher. Makes me feel a little guilty!

Beautiful photos, beautiful girl!