Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy Camp

I just love these photos. I think what I love about them most is that I wasn't there when they were taken. No, during the daytime parts I was emoting in blank verse at a shopping mall, and during the nighttime parts I was curled up in my pajamas eating Haagen-Daz chocolate-chocolate chip (was any ice cream ever finer?) and catching up on Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, David was bravely chaperoning our little miss at her first-ever camp-out. It's an annual event of mass proportions at Dailard, masterminded by men. I say the men can have it. If I were meant to sleep outside, hot showers would be naturally occurring in nature, as common as babbling brooks. But more on my admirable common sense another time.

Unusual for me, I can't blab on and on about this adventure, since I wasn't there. But I hear that a certain person (hint: she's five) had a high time in the great outdoors, and enjoyed jumping on the air mattress with her peeps. She also enjoyed a BBQ, and an outdoor movie (Up, courtesy of my dear husband's projector) and a whole lot of fun with her friends, new and old. And the husband in question? Well, we all know he's a good sport, and though he was feeling a bit under the weather, a hearty meal of charbroiled meat and a sleep in the fresh air until the princely hour of 5:30 a.m. went a long way towards reviving him.

And me? Well, thanks for asking, Readers. You're so thoughtful. I look at that photo of The Ghetto of Tents and I delicately shudder, imagining trying to snooze while 350 precious moppets are yelling and laughing and crying into the wee hours. And then I feel a little smug that the flyer clearly said "DADS" in bold type. And that it happens every year.

That's also our dear principal on the roof, snapping a photo of his entire flock. I love that dude.

Jarrah said the only bad part is when she got lost trying to find a friend's tent after dark. After a few minutes, someone noticed her plight, and when David emerged from brushing his teeth, she shed a few tears of relief. Weird that that's the first time we've ever lost her.

See what happens when you head into the wilderness? Not for me, thanks. I'll be right here on the couch.

A big shout-out to Steph, Robyn and Mark for loaning us all necessary camping gear, including a tent, air mattresses, sleeping bags and a cool lantern.

What, you thought maybe we actually owned that stuff?


Stephanie said...

They even got a tshirt to commemorate the event--awesome! I love your school and your dads. Wish I could pass this idea to our school, but I'm afraid we have no ground in which to drive tent stakes, sigh.

Jen said...

Daddy Camp is such a cool idea. Wish we had that at Sage's school! The photos are adorable!

Jessica said...

One of the funniest posts I've ever read. Hilarious. Agree with all of it!

DrSpouse said...

Can I be Little Miss Awkward and ask what they do about kids who have no dad/two moms/dad lives way way out of town?

Stephanie said...

@DrSpouse, I wondered this too. My hope is that the community of the school and families manage it openly in a way that everyone is included. Assuming this piece is handled appropriately, I applaud the school doing what many would not touch with a ten foot pole due to this sensitvie area.

Sam said...

@Katie and Steph: Good question! And yes, of course I thought about this, too. Apparently, any guardian is welcome to take the reins, and the dad part is only a suggestion. I heard there were lots of moms there, as well as uncles, grandpas and cousins. Family friends, too. They have been doing the event for five years so I guess there hasn't been any backlash, and that these issues are handled in a sensitive manner that works for everyone.

Mary said...

How fun to have her first camp out at school!

Even though I like camping, I kind of side with you, though. In this instance, I'll take the couch, too!



Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class said...

I LOVE this idea! I'm a camping kind of girl though. I wish my school did something like this. Of course I'd have to be a teacher volunteer. ha!
We are planning a camping trip for Halloween weekend right now with our friends. I'm looking forward to the chilly temps and campfires.