Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Cleaning

April 1st was our five-year anniversary of living in this house. Not that we remembered it then. But I thought about it just now when we noticed that the silverware drawer was filled with matzah crumbs and David volunteered to empty and clean it.

In the back of that drawer, we found:

1. About 50 multi-colored plastic baby spoons
2. Diaper bag carrying-case for plastic baby spoons
3. Three nipple/bottle brushes
4. Four baby medicine droppers
5. A bunch of change
6. A key to a car we no longer own
7. Assorted nuts and bolts that don't seem to go anywhere
8. Two teeny-tiny silverware sets, one with Dora, the other with Elmo

As you might imagine, this stuff was taking up more room than the silverware was. Now the drawer is freshly 409'ed and shiny, and looking strangely empty.

Our child is almost five and a half, and today is the first day it's occurred to us to look back there. You can just imagine what all the other drawers in the house must contain.


Anonymous said...

DON'T LOOK IN THE DRAWERS. If you're like me, you'll get sucked into the big ole rabbit hole of nostalgia . . .



The Wades said...

Yikes--my oldest child is ten!!

I love feeling productive. I bet you're happy every time you go to get a fork.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

My MIL is visiting this week. I bet my health that she'll have 2 or 3 drawers cleaned out and cords neatly ziplocked. Which also means I won't get the rabbit hole of nostalgia.
She's already started on the daughter's toy box.

Anonymous said...

Darn, wish I lived in san diego so I could inherit those tiny dora spoons! :) lix