Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I Can't Win

Trying to brush Jarrah's hair while she marches in place and pinwheels her arms around.

Sam: Be still! Ugh! Why can't you just stand there? Pretend you're a snowflake.

Jarrah: Snowflakes aren't still. They fall from the sky.

Sam: Okay, pretend you're a rock.

Jarrah: No, people can move rocks around.

Sam: Fine. Pretend you're a star in the sky.

Jarrah: Stars twinkle. And shine on people. Also they disco.

Sam: They disco?

Jarrah: Yes.


Robyn said...

You cannot argue with that logic. Seriously.

Stephanie said...

What is it they say about apples and trees, regardless of their seeds?

They twinkle and shine and disco...need I say more?

Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class said...

They do disco! I've witnessed that! :) Jarrah is one smarty marty!

The Wades said...

What a perfect pair you two are. I just love it. :) Disco on, Jarrah.

Jen said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how kids can be so frustrating you want to tear your hair out AND so adorable you want to record their every giggle... AT THE SAME TIME! :) Liz

Mary said...

That is too cute!