Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Lurks Beneath

Reading a book about the wonders of undersea life. (More comprehensive post to follow later today.)

Jarrah: But I've never been scuba diving!

Sam: I haven't, either. I've been snorkeling, but when you scuba dive, you wear a tank on your back that pumps air into your blood, and I'm too claustrophobic for that.

Jarrah: What's claustrophobic?

Sam: It's when you get anxious in small spaces, like caves and elevators.

Jarrah: But you love elevators!

Sam: No, I wouldn't say that.

Jarrah: Well, I'm not afraid of anything.

Sam: Good for you!

Jarrah: Well, actually, I'm afraid of lobsters, and crabs, and the Corpse Bride, but that's all.

Sam: Fair enough.


Anonymous said...

The Corpse Bride! Good idea to be afraid of her... :) lix

erin said...

I got snapped in the foot by a crab on the beach when I was Jarrah's age. It was painful and I've eaten crustaceans with gusto since then.

Mary said...

I second Jarrah's thoughts and add vampires. They scare me!