Thursday, January 10, 2008

She's Crafty

The Valentines stuff is already out in force. Jessica, Yea-Yea, Jarrah and myself purchased some heart glitter-glue, puffy stickers and other wonderfulness at Michael's today so we can make some Valentines. I told Jessica that she brings out the latent (dormant these many years) Crafty Gal in me. Oh, I was crafty in my time. In fourth grade, my friend Wendy and I had a thriving and profitable business selling "Future Worms." (It's a long story how they got that name.) Basically, they were fat, neon pipe cleaners with black-eyed peas for eyes, stripped-down twist-ties fashioned into spectacles, and fancy, feathered hats. But since we had cracked the Zeitgeist (this was in the middle of the "lapel koala" craze, if you can remember back that far) everyone wanted our new and exciting version. The business finally folded due to crushing demand combined with a lack of manpower. More's the pity I didn't patent them at the time.

Speaking of crafty, I have a new mania for knitting useful items. I've finished a bunch of scarves, but my latest triumph is a "Techno-Cozy" from the Stitch and Bitch book. It warms my cell phone quite nicely, and keeps it from getting bashed in my bag. Now I plan to sate my craving for fake fruit by knitting washcloths with apple and pear "illusions" in the center. Sounds cool and complicated, doesn't it? (Or maybe you're feeling sad for me that I'm knitting washcloths.) If you get one, act surprised.

It is so good to have Jarrah back in school. That two-week holiday sorely tried all the parts of me there are to be tried. On a bright note, I did have three visits from out-of-town friends and one from an out-of-town sister, and that made it feel like a holiday indeed. Two of those visits were from former students, now gainfully employed adults. It seems so long ago that I was teaching. That is one thing that gives me a pang.

And here are my goals for the new year. Please remind me of them at any time.

1. Learn more Nia routines. I am boring my students and myself silly with the ones I know.
2. Take that stand-up comedy seminar I mentioned a while back.
3. Feel awesome at my 20th (!) college reunion in May.
4. Submit at least one article to a magazine.

Care to add anything to my list that you feel certain I have overlooked, Readers? I welcome your input and insight.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Is there really a book title Stitch and Bitch? I LOVE IT! One more thing for your list: Post a picture of your Techno-Cozy!

Sam said...

That's a good one, Cheri. I will speak to David about that when he gets home. ;) (He's the family photo guy.)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would be thrilled with a techno-cozy as my cell phone routinely takes a walloping in my purse. I'd be thrilled with a scarf, too, if you're ever so inclined. I hope I get to take one of your Nia classes sometime. It sounds like so much fun! I had several lapel koalas. Seriously. I wore them to school. Craft away, woman! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

(Further goals for Sam)
4. Travel to Alabama to add to leaf-raking experience.
5. Complete iPhone techno-cozy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I haven't thought about lapel koalas in decades!

Not sure if I should thank you or not for this reminder of something that I did own and wear on occasion.

Miss J

Anonymous said...

Oh, those Koalas!

I think I still have mine in a box at school somewhere. Believe-it-or-not!

Hmmm...I suggest a cozy for any remaining koalas. It can get mighty cold on a lapel. Even in San Diego.