Friday, December 28, 2007

Mothers and Daughters: For Jarrah's Birthday

Jarrah is three today.

I'm going to write a longer post later, but in the mean time, I give you this poem, read by Amy Tan, in case you like a good cry with your morning coffee.


Type (little) a aka Michele said...

Happy Birthday Jarrah!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy 3rd birthday Jarrah! We miss you and hope to see you soon!


Robyn, Jamey, Joshua and Jared

P.S. Excellent poem, Sam. Hearing it is even better than reading it!

Anonymous said...

What a "beauty" as Joy would say.

Happy Birthday, Jarrah!

We had a great time with you this morning!


Paul, Mary and Joy

Anonymous said...

As you predicted,we shed a few tears.
A lovely poem with lovely images.
On this, her third birthday, give Jarrah some extra hugs and kisses from her Australian Nanna and Grand-dad.

Caroline said...

Happy birthday to Jarrah! I hope that she had a wonderful day. :)

Caroline, Russell, William, and Alexander

Alleen said...

How is it possible??????????????????????