Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ruo-Ruo!

Tomorrow is Ruo-Ruo's first birthday. We were planning to have a little get-together anyway, to give me an excuse to make brisket and latkes, but then the day obviously took on more meaning once we received our match. At first I thought it was just cute, the idea of singing happy birthday to her. But now I'm fairly certain I'm going to shed a tear or two, celebrating my daughter's birthday when I haven't even met her yet. It's like the parenting train is chugging into the station, but slows down only long enough for me to see it's there, and then speeds up again...wait! I want to hop on! I guess we can make up for it next year.

David and I have been busy bees at the house. He's drilling straps into the walls so our bookshelves don't fall over when climbed, and making our outlets safer (I always forget he's an electrical engineer!) He also hung some stuff on the walls for me, out of reach of curious little hands. I am cleaning and sorting and organizing, washing baby clothes, checking and re-checking my packing list, assembling little things I need like teething gel and soapy dishcloths and tiny gingham barrettes (hey, she might have hair by then!) It feels good to be in motion since otherwise my mind races. Still so much to do, and we are in the breath-holding stage where Travel Notices could come in any day.

And David cooked me dinner last night! It really does warrant an exclamation point because aside from the times he prepares something that I've already laid out and left him instructions for, this might be a first! He was off work yesterday, but I wasn't, so I laid down the gauntlet. He chose the menu, did the shopping, and made me an amazing meal--Rosemary Chicken with an Orange-Dijon Sauce and Wild Rice, and for dessert--wow!--Baked Apples with Apricot Compote Stuffing. I yummed up every morsel and was mightily proud of him, too. I said, "You're in for it now, my friend. My devilish plan has paid off."

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David said...

I guess I'll have to mess up the next dinner :)