Monday, January 23, 2012

Blame It On The Rain

Rainy morning as I staze into the wet street. (That's a combination of "stare," "gaze" and "daze.") Soooo tempted to get back in bed. No one here to stop me.

Cold is almost better. I was pretty tired there for a few days but at least I didn't have to go to rehearsal at night. Another reason I'm glad about that is my car stopped working on Thursday morning. I was getting off the freeway about a half-hour from here and it just shut off. Kind of scary but I was in the right lane so I just glided to the side and nobody slammed into me or vice-versa.

Lucky for me, I was being followed by my friend Robyn (we were meeting for a movie) and she is awesome. She said "I don't like where your car is. Let's move it to a safer spot." "WHAT? You think we're going to push this car?" "No, I'm going to push it. You're going to steer it." Wow. And she did.

It took a long time to get my car back because it was towed to a random place where they kept forgetting to look at it and also to call me. What's a girl to do? Finally David was able to drive me up there in Friday rush hour traffic and the first thing I hear when I started it up was "SCREEEEEEECH!" "Um, that is NOT good," the guy said, and I was like "Ya think?" They tightened something and I drove home hoping it wouldn't blow up but it seems to be fine.

Saturday David was far, far away in Radiator Springs (apparently that's not what it's called but it should be) learning to drag race. You think I'm joking? Ask him about it. He's found his new thing. When he told me he wanted to start drag racing I said "Absolutely not. We can't spare you. It's not even open for discussion." I asked some of my friends about this and they seemed either amused or surprised but then my friend Stephanie said she wouldn't tell her husband not to do things. "I'm not his mother," she said. That sounded ridiculously reasonable so I had to sit with that idea for a while.

While he was gone, Jarrah and I went to rehearsal (I bought her silence with some lollipops) and then to meet Mary and Joy at Legoland. It had been raining all morning and I could tell Mary thought I was cur-azy. Like a fox, though, because the rain cleared up, the sun came out, and the place was like a ghost town. Only a really, really fun ghost town with rides and attractions. Our own personal Legoland. We didn't wait in a line all day. Now I never want to go there again because it could never be as good. Every time J and J tried to veer off to a playground or a patch of sand or a spot of sitting on a Lego figurine I'd bellow, "Keep moving! There's no stopping today! You can do all this lollygagging in July when there's an hour wait for everything else!" Which maybe was not exactly a festive attitude, but it was a fantastically practical one. We even ended the day on the Knights Tournament aka "The Claw" which threw us up and down like so many naked Barbies (just trying to avoid "rag dolls"--there was no actual nudity) and it was terrifying but totally rocked.

Do I sound a bit slow? Yep, I noticed that, too. Nap time.


Myrnie said...

Nap time sounds pretty good to me too!!

Joan said...

Drag racing!!! I am his mother, but I guess I cant stop him either.

Stephanie said...

No line Lego is the best!