Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Eye

Jarrah and I watched some Tivo'd footage of the royal wedding this afternoon. Here are some of her thoughts.

On succession:

Jarrah: At what age will I become a princess?

Sam: Um, you won't. Unless you marry a prince.

Jarrah: But Levi isn't a prince!

Sam: No, he's not. But he's a very nice boy. Plenty of people marry non-princes and feel fine about it. I did.

On the music: "Why is there an opera happening during the wedding?"

On a close-up of the organ: "Wow! That is a really huge tuba!"

On seeing the choir for the first time: "Why are they making them sit in the other room?"

On the profusion of hats: "Look, I have a hat just like theirs." (She had a sticker jutting out between her eyebrows at the time.)

On military dress: "How come the army has to be at the wedding?"

On the arrival of Camilla Bowles and Queen Elizabeth:

Jarrah: That's her mum?

Sam: No, the Queen is Prince Charles's mum.

Jarrah: Then how come she and the other lady look alike?

On Kate Middleton: "She's pretty. All princesses are pretty, right?"

On Prince William: "He seems nice."

On the ceremony: "I hope they don't kiss. I don't want to have to watch that."


Stephanie said...

What about Prince Harry?

On Prince Harry: He's a scoundrel, he's hot, and I want to marry him.

Sam said...

@Steph: Is that you, or Jarrah? :)

Jen said...

That was a fabulous post. Much better than any other commentary I've read! Joan Rivers, watch out!

Mary said...

Joy asked no questions at all! I kept interrupting and explaining it all. She did agree on the kissing part, though!

Logical Libby said...

I am bummer Meg wasn't old enough to understand it. She did love the scones though...

And Jarrah would be a perfect princess.

Aunt LoLo said...

Love this. We had to make do with pictures online, but Ming Wai was MIGHTY impressed to see a real princess!!

(PS - My captcha phrase is "minion." heh)