Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Fifteen Seconds

Driving in the car a few evenings ago, with a full moon:


"Yes, lovey."


"Yes, isn't it pretty?"



"Sing moon!"

"Oh, you want me to sing 'Moon, Moon, Moon?'"


"Okay! Moon, moon, moon/Shining bright/Moon, moon, moon/My night light/Moon, moon, moon/I can see/Moon, moon, moo--"



"No, thank you."


Anonymous said...


So sorry - the truth can hurt.

Best, Gail

Sam said...

Dear Gail,

What truth? There's nothin' wrong with my voice. ;)

Jess & Yea Yea said...

At least she was polite...unlike Little Miss Cover Her Ears that lives over here ;).


Jess & Yea Yea

Cheri said...

She's awesome!

Kim said...

I almost woke the kids up, I was laughing so hard at this one!