Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Continent Beckons

This time tomorrow we'll be on our way to LAX. And construction begins the next morning. I've been trying to clear every surface in the bedroom. Harder than it sounds.

Jarrah and I have been catching up on errands today while David is at work. It's a hot, quiet day. First, we had breakfast with Lisa, and walked her through the strange and labyrinthine process that is keeping our plants alive, or at least alive-ish. Then, I sent a bunch of e-mails to the brave souls who will be checking on our construction (thank you, brave souls!) Next, the P.O. ("Mommy, remember I had a tantrum last time we went to the post office?" "Scarily, yes, I do." "What was it about, Mommy?" "You were mad about something.") and Macy's Home Store ("Mommy, I'm pretty sure it's going to be upstairs." "What's upstairs?" "Whatever you're looking for.") and finally, ProfessioNAIL ("Mommy, why is the 'n' being used for two words?" "Because it's adorable.") where little J got to sit in a teddy bear chair with a built-in DVD player and light-up foot bath. ("I'll definitely be coming back to this place!") She couldn't understand why I had my eyes closed during the massage ("Mommy, are you sleeping?") and why I balked at her fashion choice ("Black nails with a white skull on the big toes.")

Come to think of it, the day hasn't been so arduous. Though I did wake up and vacuum the hell out of everything and felt sort of hungover while I was doing it, despite having only one fabulous homemade strawberry daiquiri at our BBQ yesterday. But you will no doubt be amazed and confused when I tell you we haven't even gotten the suitcases out of the garage yet. I'm just weird like that. I don't like too many signs of leaving until it can no longer be denied. Or I'm just a big procrastinator. Either way, I have lots and lots of lists but don't tend to put them to use until an hour before.

So, this time tomorrow, picture me packing.

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Michelle said...

If you wait until the last minute, you only have to worry about it for a minute.

Funny she noticed about the N. Funny you think that is adorable. ;) What a cute place to take a kiddo. Too cute.

I've missed you!