Monday, January 05, 2009

It's A Big Day!

I've already posted today (twice?) but couldn't resist when David offered to scan this...Jarrah just wrote her name for the first time! And (I puff up with pride) quite legibly, too!

Anyway, what good is a Mommy-blog (shudder) if I can't brag a little? So let me continue: we've never shown her how to write her name (and they don't at her school, either) so somehow she figured it out for herself!

I tell ya, I'm kvelling. (That's Yiddish. I am a Jewish mother, after all.)


Stephanie said...

aww that's awesome!! What a smart girl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love it.

The Wades said...

Impressive, indeed!!! That is one talented girl.

I need to polish up on my yiddish. :) There is so much I do not know. OK, I don't know a darn thing. I want to learn though. :)

Did you happen to get my comments left on your blog on your earliest entries? i went back reading yesterday to entertain myself at the hospital. I got to thinking that you might not have received email alerts back in the day.

Jarrah rocks! Oh, my friends and I want to know how you pronounce her name. Dena and Lisa both say it differently, and I'm one wishy washy gal. Jare-a or Jar-a? I can see how both would work. Love ya

Sam said...

Hey Michelle,

I actually tried to e-mail you when I saw those alerts, but somehow I've lost your e-mail again, argh! I mailed you a package today, so be looking for it. ;)

Jarrah rhymes with Sarah. We get all kinds of versions, including "Harrah" and "Ja-RAH." It's funny but annoying. ;)

Heather - The Wanna-be Super Mom said...

frekin awesome!!! child genius I tell ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that impressive or what?!! I knew she was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. What a wonderful day. I'm glad you shared this with us!

Miss J

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, how do you USAns say Sarah? We in WA (West Australia) would say SAIR-uh, and SAHR-uh for Sara. But the first A in Jarrah is a flat one, as in hat, or flat.
Re the name writing - such naches she gives you!

Sam said...

Hey Anon! :)

Naches! Are you a Jewish WA-er? I didn't think there WERE any! :) How cool!'s possible that I pronounce Jarrah "wrong" by Oz standards. In fact, David often tells me that I pronounce it wrong. Oh well, I'm just doing what comes naturally! :)

David said...

I cringe whenever Samantha says Jarrah rhymes with Sarah, to Australian ears they sound not much alike -- yet American's struggle to hear any difference.

dena said...

She's a genius! Gotta love that girl.

dena said...


I'm glad I actually read through all the posts! You have cleared up so much for us here in NM re: Jarrah's name... glad to know how it's pronounced. I have always said it as if it rhymed with Sarah, but that was just me. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and David,
No, I'm not Jewish, but, hey, anyone can read The Joys of Yiddish! Better to kvell than to kvetch, eh?
In fact there are lots of Jewish people here in Australia, and a decent sized community in Perth.
As for the way Americans say Jarrah, the only thing funnier is how they say my daughter Lara's name. Somehow they manage that flat A there! Go figure!

Laural Out Loud said...

That's awesome! And definitely exciting enough to warrant a post. Jarrah really did a great job, and it looks like she even put a few kisses underneathe, lol.

Our preschool doesn't start up for two more weeks!