Monday, December 22, 2008

Career Choices

Jarrah likes to play this game in the car she calls "What Am I? You suggest that she is something ("You are a doctor!") and she says "Noooooo!" And then finally she decides what she is (always something different) and she yells "You are CORRECT!" Here was today's version:

Jarrah: Okay, what am I?

Sam: You are a kid!

Jarrah: Not just a kid.

Sam: You are an artist!

Jarrah: Not just an artist.

Sam: You are a dancer!

Jarrah: NO. Do you want a hint?

Sam: Yes, give me a hint.

Jarrah: I am...a ballerina!

Sam: That's a great hint. Okay, you are...a ballerina!

Jarrah: You are CORRECT! Good job!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha too cute!!!

DrSpouse said...

I think I know some kids like that... Also where they change their mind, or forget halfway...

The Wades said...

Again, I love Jarrah! That girl is an old soul in a wee little body. Cute stuff.

LunaMoonbeam said...

hahahaha...that's hilarious. At least she gives GREAT hints!

dena said...

At least she didn't change her mind after giving you her hint! That's always fun.

Mary said...

I have several tutus that Jarrah is welcome to!