Thursday, October 23, 2008

Six Little Words

Laural at Mamasphere (which will soon be renamed, but by any other name would smell as sweet--it's hysterical and I love it, go check it out) tagged me with a fascinating meme called "Life in Six Words."

Now, those who know and love me would probably have a lot of gracious things to say about my talents, possibly even more than I would helpfully suggest myself. And those who know and love me would also vigorously agree that brevity is not my strong suit. I struggle just limiting myself to a single sentence to describe my "status" on Facebook. Six words is a genuine challenge.

So I'm going to steal Laural's idea and give myself a few chances to get it right. Here goes:

Constant worrying sucks out your soul.

This one is more aspirational than anything. I worry a lot, and I wish I didn't. I'd have a lot more time--and space in my head.

Dance like nobody is watching you.

I know, I know, I stole that one from a bumper sticker, but isn't it great? And I do. I'm always dancing. Even when people are watching, I don't mind--I dance like they're not.

Well-behaved women rarely make history.

Another bumper sticker; I wielded this one in an argument with David the other night, after which I could see he was carefully counting to ten to avoid saying something he might regret.

Write about your life--photos lie.

This is my counter to "A picture is worth a thousand words." Which is just not true, in my opinion. Not that I don't like pictures. But I like well-chosen words even more.

There is no try, only do.

This one is courtesy of Yoda. It sounds better when you're a little green guy with big eyes and ears. But I like the idea behind it, because it speaks to our fear of failing. The only way we fail is to do nothing at all.

Treat everyone like they are innocent.

I'm a grudge-holder. I can hold grudges against people I've just met. So one of my life goals is to assume the best of people, not the worst. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Not take everything so personally. This one is as tough for me as writing something in six words.

Take a risk--do it now.

This is a biggie, because it applies to everything, from apologizing to joining the circus. I'd like to say I live by it, but I only WANT to.

How about you, Readers? Feel free to tag yourselves, or post your favorite six-word motto in the comments. Publishers of those tiny books displayed near the cash register at Borders are standing by.


Laural Out Loud said...

This was great! The first one is my favorite- I learned a long time ago not to worry.

LunaMoonbeam said...

I love "There is no Try, Only Do". It reminds me of my Dad. If I told him I would "try" to get something done, he told me he would "try" to make me dinner. Got to raise us up right, doncha know. ;-)

I already told Miss Mamasphere my favorite new six word motto - Toddler Is Loose - Please Send Help.

;-) Have a great Friday!

Melanie Sheridan said...

Those are good! Sometimes holding a grudge feels pretty good though, huh? But I agree, it's better to let it to go.