Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Left My Heart in Vanilla Frosting

Today we made Valentine cupcakes with Jessica and Yea-Yea. (See Jessica's blog for our decision-making process.) Jessica brought over a dozen moist, perfect, just-out-of the oven bottoms (ooh, naughty!) and all the fixins to frost and decorate. (Don't worry, at least I made lunch.) It was all very festive. The girls loved squeezing the frosting through the tipped bag, and loved shaking the sprinkles and positioning the silver dragees even more. With very little effort, the cupcakes came out gorgeous. We all had one for dessert, and Jarrah--true to form--licked every atom of frosting off hers and pronounced herself done. Too bad for her--the cake underneath was even better.

After her nap, she asked for another cupcake. I said she was welcome to the lightly gnawed bottom leftover from lunch. She took a couple bites but her heart wasn't in it without the frosting. I promised her a pristine new cupcake if she ate all her dinner. You better believe that pasta and cantaloupe disappeared like wedding dresses at Loehmann's.

After dinner, I asked David to take a couple of snaps of the adorable remaining cakes for the blog. I was planning to post them along with a shot of my (almost finished) apple washcloth (I'll explain that one later.) Here are the pictures he took:

Afterwards, we both gravitated towards our computers (we're like moths) and after a few peaceful moments with only the clicking of keys, I suddenly thought of something.

Sam: Wait. Did you leave her alone with the cupcakes?

David: Yeah. So?

Sam: Um, don't you think she's going to eat them?

David: No. She's not like a dog.

Sam: She's not?

David: What do you mean?

Sam: I mean she is like a dog when it comes to frosting.

As if on cue, Jarrah careened around the corner, holding her hands up in a gesture less of surrender than triumph.

Jarrah: (crowing) I got frosting on my hands!

David: Jarrah! Why do you have frosting on your hands?

Sam: She didn't.

Jarrah: (gleeful) I'm gonna wash my hands! They got frosting!

David and I sprinted towards the living room, where we saw this sad sight:

All we need now is some of that yellow police tape. And a chalk outline.


Anonymous said...

Jarrah is so great. That is truly hilarious - mostly because I went through something eerily similar today! Upon hearing me say that I was headed upstairs to get his clothes for the day Jared dragged his chair into the kitchen, opened the bag of jelly bellys, and popped several into his mouth. As I was coming back down the stairs I heard the familiar "clack" of jelly bean on my kitchen tile. I walked around the corner to see his little cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk and his little face looking very guilty. As he spit the chewed jelly bellys into my hand and handed me the ones hidden in his little mitts I had to laugh. He thought he could pull one over on me! And if I had taken just a few minutes longer on the clothes he would have. They're sneaky...

Smitten Knitten said...

Oh dear, I should have left the extra frosting ;)....At least you had David take some pictures of the cupcakes, which we forgot to do in all their earlier in the day glory. We really had fun decorating the cuppy cakes with you guys today!

Anonymous said...

Who can blame her? Those cupcakes look so tasty that I'd like to jump through the computer screen and have a nibble myself! :) xxx lix

Anonymous said...

If I ever get back to San Diego, I'll let Jarrah have all the frosting. I like the cake part the best!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I love that you have irrefutable evidence of the deed.

Anonymous said...

Oops--that last one was from me, too lazy to log in.

Miss J

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee.

The pugs give her a big high five!

Anonymous said...

Sweets for sweet Jarrah!

I make a mean chocolate frosting. How about I make some for you to relplace that missing frosting?



Alleen said...

First, man, those are(or were!) some gorgeous, professional looking cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!! My gosh, I'm jealous. I went to the store today and bought the fixings and within 2 hrs, I was back at the store getting store-bought ones. I didn't even bother trying to make them. Who was I kidding??

I cracked up at the after shot! Did he honestly think the siren call of frosting wouldn't lure her in????

We just got done giving Gabriella her bath tonight and Bing(the cat) walked in with pink frosting on his nose.... ummmmmmmmm, yeah....

Me? I hate the frosting and only like the cake.

Anonymous said...

Are there people out there--no matter their ages--who actually eat that cakey thing, too? I always thought that the "cake" part of a cupcake was just the icing delivery system anyway.