Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bouncin' and Behavin'

Jarrah had her first haircut today. Well, unless you count the (possibly more than one) head shavings before her first birthday. But this is the first time anyone's molested a hair on her head since February 6, 2006--that much I know.

Like going to the dentist, getting a haircut involved full-body drapery and sharp objects in one's immediate head space. Unlike the dentist, our lovely stylist, Corina, didn't diagnose anything more worrisome than split ends. She did prescribe hacking them off, however, so we compromised on layers.

The big event went down at a place called Little Locks in the neighborhood of Bird Rock. Yes, Readers, every bit as adorable as it sounds. I figured a splurge was in order for a "first time." As it happened, the total came to $15, and while I've got nothing to compare it to, that seemed pretty reasonable for the experience.

That experience included a choice of vehicles on which to perch (Jarrah chose the motorcycle--that's my girl), flat-screen Thomas and Wiggles for distraction, and a post-tonsorial lollipop (wahoo!) It did not include a shampoo or blow-dry, which is probably just as well (no one else was getting that, either.) The look on Jarrah's face was priceless each time Corina spritzed her down with the spray bottle.

Jarrah was calm, even nonchalant, throughout the cut. She had a tendency to follow the scissors with her eyes (and hence, her head) and had to be reminded gently to look up, but otherwise, she didn't even seem that interested in the proceedings. She did like playing with the train table, doll house, table-top sand box, and giant 3-D dinosaur book (the salon is also a toy store--somebody is smart!) while waiting, so perhaps she was already jaded by the time she reached the chair--whoops, I mean, the hog.

We forgot the camera, so that gives you an idea how sentimental we were feeling about the whole affair, but I did get a little misty when Corina gathered up the first snip, placed it in a tiny pouch, and tied it to a card reading "My First Haircut."

I must have been standing too close to the spray bottle. Yeah, that was it.

P.S. The photos are from David's cell phone!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie.

Corina did Vincent's last cut (4 weeks ago).

The water bottle DID get me during Vincent's first cut in August...he was enamored by it and distracted him during his first haircut. That said, I was misty too.

Anonymous said...

Bouncin' and Behavin' is just too cute.

Jarrah looks adorable!

Looking forward to seeing you both on Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

Jarrah gets more beautiful in every picture you post!
xxx lix

Smitten Knitten said...

What a cute place! Pretty soon she'll be asking for color and barrettes, and, and, and.... :)


Anonymous said...

I got a bity misty when Jared got his first haircut, too. You're not alone. Those darn water spritzers! I miss you lots and hope to see you in January!!