Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mother's Little Helper

Yesterday I discovered something that might make me feel as good as therapy or recreational drugs, and is probably cheaper. I am talking about a babysitter. In the middle of the week. For no reason. Well, there is a reason, sort of. The reason is to keep me charming and personable the rest of the week.

You may remember my glowing post about Nicole, the magical Craigslist babysitter. She was away on a road trip (ah, road trips! those were the days!) for a couple weeks and lo, we suffered mightily. At least I did. Now she is back, and if all goes well, she is going to hang with Jarrah every Wednesday afternoon for 4-5 hours.

And how did I spend this precious block of time? In the most frivolous ways possible, of course. I went to lunch, and ate something complicated. (Soup!) I read an entire magazine. I did a couple errands. I drove over to Hillcrest because I vaguely remembered hearing about some fabulous new store where you can get a massage with only two hours notice but I didn't remember what it was called. (Funny, I've already forgotten! But I have the brochure. :)) I went to the gym and worked out for a long time, followed by a long, leisurely stretch. Ahhhhhh. I showered. I shopped for clothes. And the grand finale was browsing for books, followed by a coffee with another ENTIRE magazine. Do I know how to enjoy myself or WHAT?

Now came the moment of truth. The afternoon had left me relaxed to just above coma level, but how had Jarrah felt about it? She had been trustingly asleep when I left. I walked in with my teeth gritted slightly. No one met me at the door. Eventually Jarrah appeared, resplendent in just a diaper. She and Nicole had been swimming. She was glowing and smiling and told me a long, complicated story that sounded something like, "Nicole is awesome! We had fun! I kicked a ball! I threw Elmo in the pool! I kicked another ball! Watch, I'll do it again! Did I mention Nicole is awesome? And she didn't check her e-mail the whole day!"

It was the icing on the cake, Readers. And I savored how sweet it was.


Amy said...

Sounds delicious. Also sounds like something I could use!

Kim said...

Oh, the jealousy is oozing out of my every pore as I type this ;)

Mary said...

Why have I not called all the people who have offered to babysit for us???

O.K., now I am really jealous!!!



Alleen said...

Sounds like heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

Good God! You fit as much in 4-5 hours as I can into a week! Kudos!
Best, Gail

Anonymous said...

I really like your writing style and have enjoyed reading your posts... I will be returning!

T. said...

Oh yes! I do my errands, get my haircut, go to the dentist, clean, do laundry and grocery shop, and it never seems that bad because I am doing it while everyone else is hunched over diapers or computers. Sometimes I read, take a bubble bath, and drink wine if I want to. Enjoy your guilty, well deserved pleasure!!

Judy said...

I enjoyed catching up on you, David and Jarrah. Beth said Jarrah recently starred in your movie! Let me know when that is posted. I'd love to see it. See you in September!