Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our Golden Resources

My eyelids are at half-mast but we really wanted to say a few words before hitting the hay. So far Chongqing has been a whirlwind of crazy lights, lanterns and fireworks on our way from the airport, all looking very tantalizing--if we could think about anything but tomorrow, that is. Our flight on Sichuan Air was surprisingly delightful--even the Chinese food they served tasted better than a lot of the stuff in American restaurants. The plane was almost empty so it was kind of the CCAI Party Plane, and we're starting to get to know a few others in our group now. I was cheerful and fine until we stepped out from customs to see our guide, Marie, and her assistant Anita waiting for us with signs and I fel the tears well up against my will. I was just so overwhelmed after all this time to see those three little words: "Welcome CCAI Families." That would be us.

Marie is a delicate powerhouse and I'm already quite enamored of her. Like Alex, she daintily stood in the roaring bus for 30 minutes, sweetly and precisely explaining how everything we needed for the next day could be found in either a blue or pink evelope she's prepared for us, with helpful pink Post-its indicating where we needed to sign. Tomorrow we will be doing paperwork to register and notarize these adoptions and between that and the orphanage visit (an hour away) it will take most of the day. But Marie makes it sound fun when she does stuff like give a us a lis of recies that she knows the pbabi's wil like and includes the precise pen who wants everuon to sign witj. By the time we reached the Vegas-stu;e Gpd;em Respirces it was clea it would not suck. It's had to imagine anything going seriously wrong with Marie aruounf.

I seem to be losing it here, so more tomorrow. I've just spent several hours unpacking, organizing the babie's things and packing a diaper bag for our adventures tomorrwo (and how the hell do yu palc adiaperback?) I felt like I bought so much for her and now it sooks so little. It's verh weid toseeer crib just sitting there, like that's normal and

(after 7 hours of Ambien induced sleep.)

I have no idea what happened last night. I'm fairly certain I never even brushed my teeth. Marie gave us very explicit instructions on the bus and they included a bunch of papers we had to sign and a short essay to write giving our reasons for wanting to adopt Ruo-Ruo. Everything she said made me feel so emotional. I was tearing up intermittently for the entire 30 minute ride. She told us that we would have tags to hang around our necks that said in Chinese "We are adopting this baby and love her very much. Please return us to the Golden Resources Hotel." Hee. She also gave us a map that showed where our baby was found. Ruo-Ruo was off the map, onto the other side, and only an approximation was shown. Very sad. We also got a sheet of new info from the nannies, talking about the girls' habits, their roommates, favorite nannies, etc. Joy and Jarrah were not roommates, apparently. I was highly amused to see that "Mei Ruo cries when nanny feeds another baby. She moves closer to nanny then." David said she's obviously a smart girl. ;) We have a new photo of her that seems to be her passport photo, where she looks like a chubby empress in a red satin ermine-trimmed coat and and a slight frown.

I had a bit of a hiccup at the Hong Kong Airport when I was flagged for carrying both scissors and a knife in my carry-on. What an airhead! The scissors were an oversight, but the knife was intended as an orphanage gift (a Swiss Army) and of course I'd figured the safest place for irreplaceables was the carry-on luggage. I was interrogated by three extremely polite security officials and given a piece of a triplicate form, suggesting I won't be seeing those items again. It was just frustrating to lose one of the gifts we'd brought only one night before we needed them. Mary and Paul (yay!) came through with another gift for us--what would we do without them???

It took several hours to fill out forms, write the essay, wrap gifts, unpack our bags, set up the baby's things, unpack and re-pack the diaper bag (we'll be at the orphanage all morning, and the registry's office with the babies for paperwork all afternoon.) Somewhere in there I took an Ambien and that's when the slurring and weaving started. It did help us get a few hours of solid sleep and this morning the room looks orderly. We are extremely pleased with our swank room at the Golden Resources except for the pervasive smoke-smell that is either in the carpet, the bed covers, the air filter, or all of the above. I have a feeling I'll be getting used to it soon.

Just one more comment: David and I could hardly believe the visceral wallop of entering this room and seeing the crib, sweetly decorated with 101 Dalmations sheets and curiously swathed in a mosquito net canopy. There was also a baby bathtub beneath the sink in the bathroom. This room is intended for a couple with a baby. A family of three. Although we will be meeting Ruo-Ruo in only a couple of hours, that is still very hard to understand. But it's feeling a little more real all the time.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, to walk in and see that cradle!

It's five til four pacific time right now, and I can't even imagine how you're feeling at this moment, half a world away, getting ready to meet the person you'll spend the rest of your life with. With David, you didn't know in advance, so no butterflies. For me, when I had the boys I had both distracting pain and lovely medication to ease the anticipation.

Wishing you so much joy on this momentous day!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more!!!

Kim said...

I don't know if I will be able to read tomorrow's entry... with each day (and blog entry) that passes, I get more and more teary. I am so thrilled for Jarrah that she will finally get to go home with her mom and dad. Thinking of you constantly,

Anonymous said...

Waiting here in Encinitas with tissue, goosebumps, and an excessive amount of anticipation for the next blog update with the story of the big forever family moment!

Julie G.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a crib!
I am all discombobulated and woke up early to read the story of Jarrah, only to realize I was one day off. How wrong is it that I'm beside myself that you have so much to do tomorrow after you meet her. How can we wait so long to hear the story and see pictures?
You are so much in our thoughts today.
And it is an auspicious day, as the Steelers won the Super Bowl as you're meeting Jarrah. :) (Mike was born in Pittsburgh)
Well, guess we will just have to TRY to sleep till you come home and can fill us in. We are so excited!

Anonymous said...

The crib makes it so REAL. :)

At 4pm Sunday, San Diego time, I thought of you & David & Jarrah as a family.

Remember: love, patience and time.
Best, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and David:

I looked at my watch at 4:20pm today as I was standing in Vons, and thought: somewhere Sam and David are meeting their daughter this very minute! I got chills (the good kind :-)). I hope things were amazing. Thinking about you both (and Jarrah) all the time. Love, Lisa G.

Anonymous said...

Checking email at almost midnight to get your update! Hooray for Ambien! :) And hooray for you both -- can't wait to read the next post. Liz

Anonymous said...

The crib is beautiful and the room is gorgeous. Are the beds hard? Does it feel like it was built from 2x4's with one layer of cotton balls for cushion?

Makes us wish we went to Chongqing instead of Nanchang!!

We're anxiously awaiting your report on receiving Jarrah!

Lynette and Marc

Anonymous said...

Sam and David,
I can't believe that you are, possibily now as I write, meeting Jarrah. Your narrative is such a treat with you so far away and us still eleven days from having you home. The hotel rooms look nice--and what a sight, the crib--about to be filled... Sounds like you have been managing meals great--what a relief. Sorry to hear the "Happy Foot Massage" didn't work out... The literal journey there sounds wonderful--can't wait to hear and see more. And tomorrow... what a day. Deep breath! Love syn

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for you all. your lives are now changed forever. love, jalan

Anonymous said...

I thought about you all day long. :)

The Ambien inspired paragraph was a riot. Next time we have a drink together, I am bringing a pen and paper.

Much love to you sweet Mama and Papa David.

Anonymous said...

A crib! I'm checking in before bed on Sunday night just in case there was news ... can't wait to read the report tomorrow morning!

Kim said...

Been thinking about you all day and hitting "refresh" on your blog page. Finally got the idea to read The Rupperts Blog in China... now I KNOW you have her :) Can't believe you are finally holding your daughter. Life is pretty wild when you see it through the eyes of a baby, huh? Congratulations, Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie I am so happy for you. I read your last post and got tears in my eyes reading it. I know you are holding that little one right now. I cant wait to read the details.

Love and hugs! Denise

PS- Give her a big kiss from me!

aaryn b. said...

i am at work now and weeping as i read this post. the photo of your room with the darling crib beneath the mosquito netting made my heart skip a beat. i am waiting anxiously for more updates and hope your first night with ruo-ruo went well.

all my love,

Anonymous said...

Thinking of the three of you... together at last. Congratulations!
Much love to you all,
- Jane

Anonymous said...

thinking of you constantly. waiting with impatience for the latest news. know you must be exhausted but very happy. love to the three of you. joan and john (nanna and grandad) from rottnest

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your post many times, even at work. It is your moment, enjoy it! I can only imagine how much is going on in Chong you are family of three.

Take good care,


aaryn b. said...

I simply cannot continue to weep like this at the office! The photos are amazing and that FACE!!!Oy Vey Maria! Congratulations to all three of you and your beautiful family. And don't worry: in no time at all, you WILL know that you two and Jarrah were meant to be together. It just takes a little bit of time. But not much.;) Again, thank you for generously, openly sharing your journey.

Now get to bonding and then get home so we can play!

All my love,