Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mini Round-Up

Eeeeek! 48 Hours kicks off tomorrow night. So excited. Lots of new team members this year. And the return of some die-hard vets. Like, for instance, David and me. Did you know this will be our eighth year and NINTH film with the project? We're crazy. And we love it!

In other news, the bathroom seems to be done. I say seems because there wasn't much fanfare about it, and there's still trash in the side yard and a lockbox on the front door--perhaps our contractor has commandeered the property indefinitely? Also, everything is covered in a fine, white powder that probably has no street value. I have been sweeping and dusting to little effect. I did buy some new towels, and though we have nowhere to hang them--apparently fixtures were not part of the deal--we may get to try out that fabulous new shower as soon as tonight.

Oh, and the stand-up comedy. That rocked seriously hard. I had so much fun that afterward I couldn't believe it went so well and the whole thing took on the air of a half-remembered dream. There is Go-Pro footage, so I think there will be a video at some point. Nice and blurry, the way I like it, but you can hear me loud and clear. Know what else you can hear? Laughing. More than once. Like I said: HARD.


Jen said...

Oh, good for you! I want to see the video!!!

Sorry about the white powder and lack of fixtures; hoping it all gets finished up soon so you can enjoy the new bathroom.

Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class said...

Yea for you! Can't wait to watch the video! Also can't wait to hear all about the 48! It's always a great post!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind here, so I'm just realizing that the bathroom is done! Yay! I was worried that the contractors had totally moved in.