Thursday, February 10, 2011

Campus Bells And Whistles

Things I'm Loving About Being Back In College:

1. People asking me "What's your major?" Life, baby. I'm majoring in life. It's been declared. And hearing Jarrah say "How was college today?"

2. Walking across campus with my books, looking hurried and v. important.

3. Fighting the other students for parking. (What is my problem?)

4. Nodding intently when the professor says something, and then jotting it down in my notebook.

5. Learning things. Oh, the joy of learning things.

Things I Am Not Loving About Being Back In College:

1. The cafeteria. Or what passes for one, with hot dogs spinning endlessly and pizza that looks a week old. It's just wrong.

2. Hearing publicly that my soliloquies are "actory" and "filled with bad scansion and dangling participles all over the place." This is good for me, I know.

3. How young everyone is, compared to me. Last time I was in college, this was distinctly not true.

4. Sitting still for two hours. I totally have ADD.

5. Memorizing stuff. I am not good at memorizing stuff. And all the time. Like every week.


Jen said...

Love this! :-)

Michelle said...

You're a hoot. I liked the "looking hurried and v. important." That's how I feel with a camera sometimes.