Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inadvertently Irking The Almighty

Driving home from school. Jarrah is reciting "S! A! M! That spells Mama!" while holding a novelty name license plate that one of my students gave me.

Sam: Did you know that you, me and Daddy all have an "A" as the second letter of our names?

Jarrah: Whoa!

Sam: Yup! S-A, D-A, and J-A.

Jarrah: Only I have two.

Sam: Yes. Actually, I have three. You have two, Daddy has one. (Here is where I inexplicably thought to add:) Which makes sense, because I'm the oldest.

Jarrah: Also me.

Sam: Nope. Not you. I'm the oldest.

Jarrah: No. I am old, too.

Sam: Not that old.

(small silence)

Jarrah: It's NOT FAIR!

Sam: What's not fair?

Jarrah: You don't get to be the oldest!

Sam: Oh, yes I do.

Jarrah: You don't get to be the oldest without sharing!

Sam: (rueful laugh) Oh, I'm happy to share, but it won't help.

Jarrah: Not fair! You have to SHARE!

Sam: (sigh) Okay. You're the oldest, too.

Jarrah: You have to share...otherwise it makes God sad.

Sam: And we don't want to make God sad.

Jarrah: He gets VERY sad when you don't share.


Jen said...

LOL!!! That is SO cute.

Miss J

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

Oh man, I love that Jarrah girl!

BTW, Sabrina's first middle and last follow your pattern: SAbrina MAry FA...

LunaMoonbeam said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. Well, dear, share if you can! (And then tell the rest of us how you did it!)

erin said...

You can use that against her when she's a teen. God will be sad if you get a D in Algebra 2. God will be sad if I catch you making out with that punk kid with the crazy hair and the stinky pits!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I will share with both of you. I'm happy to please God in this way.

Heather - The Wanna-be Super Mom said...

that Jarrah never ceases to amaze me with her funny little outlook on life! Thanks for the laugh

Caroline said...

She is awesome.

I have an A as my second letter, too. Can I join the club?

And I would hate to make God sad. You can perform exorcisms. Can you remove years? I'd like to be 23 again, please. I'm generous. I'll share lots of my years like that.

Sam said...

@Erin: Girl, you are giving me ideas. Too funny! :)

@Caroline: I now pronounce you a member of the club. And....23! Shazam! :) (Me, too.) And did you see I've updated the other blog a lot? :)

Amanda said...

haha! I wish one of my kiddos would try to take the title as the oldest. It might make me feel pretty good for a few fleeting moments!