Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out Gallivanting

So we just got back from nine days in Massachusetts. I was going to write about our upcoming trip (including a very funny, prolonged misunderstanding of Jarrah's that we were visiting Fitchburg) but then I figured I shouldn't announce on the internet that our home was going to be vacant, even though we really don't have much to steal.

Anyway, we got back last night, and had a wonderful time. The main reason for the trip was my 20th reunion at Smith (that's right, Readers--I'm old) but we expanded on that. David was amazed how I was able to pad a three-day event, but I always have been known for embellishment. We included a few days in the Pioneer Valley and another few days in Boston and Marshfield, where my friend Sue and her family live.

My emotional response to reconnecting with so many dear friends (all of whom I've known over 20 years) cannot be described, even by someone as eloquent as me. I will be sharing some highlights (and lowlights) of the adventure over the next few days, but for now I'll just tell you that, while we are home, our blue suitcase is still on vacation.

This particular blue suitcase has already been all over China (it even took two separate trips from San Diego, once with our friends Melissa and Bill) and to Columbus, OH. Apparently, it craves the open road, because when we arrived at the baggage carousel last night, all of our stuff was there except it. On the carousel a few feet away, a single bag was forlornly circling, and wouldn't you know? It matched ours. I smelled a conspiracy right away, and tried desperately to sway the agents to my side. "Don't you see?" I shrieked. "The same bag! And it's alone! Clearly, someone picked up ours instead!" But I might as well have been shrieking "DON'T GO! IT'S A COOKBOOK!" for all the response I got. They just kept saying that the other bag was with Hawaiian Airlines, and we had been on American, so there couldn't be a connection. "But don't you see???" I shrieked again. "The carousels are mere feet from each other!" Meanwhile, Jarrah was interrupting constantly to tell me that "My lollipop is too sharp! Too sharp!" Hey, everyone's got their priorities.

I was certain we'd never see the bag again, and by the time we got in the cab, I was resigned to that fate. I spent today makeup-less. So I was quite surprised to receive a voice mail late this afternoon saying the bag would be on a 6:20 flight. The rest was muffled.

When there'd been no further updates by 8:00, David called, and was on the phone a long time. When he got off, he said, "The bag will be here tomorrow. It went to Charles de Gaulle." World-traveler that I am, I know that Charles de Gaulle is in Paris. I felt a stab of jealousy. I want to go to Paris!

As I write, the bag has apparently made it as far as Dallas-Ft. Worth (another fine destination of which I haven't had the pleasure) but won't head to San Diego until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it's probably out having barbecue and line-dancing, busting its zippers with glee because it didn't have to come home, like us, and like that poor sap, the black suitcase.


steph said...

Finally, I get my fix!

Anonymous said...

I've been desperately missing your posts! So glad to see you back on line, and after having such a lovely trip -- can't wait to read more about it! Good luck on getting that bag back soon -- your story reminded me of the gnome from "Amelie" -- remember that? So cute. :) xxx Lix

smittenknitten said...

Glad you're home, can't wait to hear all the details!

Martha said...

I surely hope this bag was thoughtful enough to bring me back a loaf of Poulain bread from the 6e in Paris!

Robyn said...

I am so glad you're back! I was wondering where you were!

I wish I had known that blue suitcase was going to be in Dallas. It's only a short 3 hour drive from here and I could have met up with Ol' Blue for some hot wings and beer! YEEHAW!!

I'm glad you got to see so many friends. I miss you and hope to see you soon!



Caroline said...

Wouldn't it be great if it returned covered in old-timey travel stamps from all of its accidental touristing?

Jen said...

Oh, dear. Hope it does indeed show up when it's supposed to, now!

Can't wait to hear about your trip. All last week when we were in San Francisco, I kept thinking about how you all were in Massachusetts and how our planes were probably crossing each other in the sky.

Miss J

Sam said...

@Robyn: "Ol' Blue!" I've got Dr. Pepper coming out my nose now. That is classic.

@Martha: Ol' Blue wants to know if you are free to meet up tomorrow--he's got a little "je ne sais quoi" for you. ;)

@Readers: The bag is home! No stamps, alas. Just a lot of dirty laundry. It was really anticlimactic to open it. Lix, I was hoping there'd be a gnome in there, at least!

Mary and Paul said...

Welcome Home!

I missed my Sammy.

I look forward to hearing all about your trip this weekend.

And, Amelie is my all-time favorite movie. I had a book about Gnomes when I was a kid. I am afraid that back then, I thought they might be real!



Cheri said...

I was about to email you! I wondered where you were. I needed a Sam fix.

Wow . . . the Jonas Brothers just came on the Disney Channel and Laura went running out of the room. She's not into the Jonas Brothers, I know, but I didn't realize she was such a conscientious objector. Hmmmmm.

Back to you. And the blue bag. I think a post in the voice of the blue bag is just what the reader ordered. K? Maybe the blue bag will have picked up a bit of a French accent?

Lisa Gillespie said...

Hi Sam!

Drove right by the Smith exit on the I-91 in Mass. on our way to Vermont Thursday---immediately thought of you (of course!) :-)

So glad your blog is back---I need my fix too!

Ol' Blue is hilarious! (and I'm glad your reunion was great :-)) This is a beautiful part of the country :-)

Love, Lisa

The Wades said...

May I have your brain? You are so hilarious! I think I'm going to put the word 'gallivanting' up there w/ my all time faves!

I'm with Cheri--Let us hear from the blue bag. I can only (actually I can't--that's my problem)imagine what your brain can think up.

Next time you need to at least let me know you'll be gone. What could I possibly steal all the way from NM? ;)

Please keep writing. It feeds my uncreative soul.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Wait. Didn't you spend some time in Dallas-Fort Worth waiting to catch a plane to Dayton Beach on one trip? Isn't this where you were told "I'd like to tell you the plane is here, but the plane is broke"?