Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Girlfriend's Guide to Telling Stories to Toddlers...NOT

Last night in the car after a long day out, Jarrah was tired and crabby. Lately, I can quiet her down if I offer to tell a story. I asked her if she'd like to hear one, and she said yes. I asked what kind, and she said "Jarrah and Joy story," natch.

Sam: Okay, once upon a time, two little girls named Jarrah and Joy were playing at a park when they suddenly found a big tunnel in the playground! They crawled inside, and they kept going, and going, and going...

David: ...and then they realized they should never climb into tunnels!

Sam: (nervously) ...and at the end of the tunnel, what did they see? It was The Land of Kittens! There were orange ones, and black ones, and white ones, and stripey ones, and polka-dot ones...and they were having a party! And there were cupcakes! With frosting! And sprinkles! And Jarrah and Joy ate up their cupcakes, and the kittens asked them to come live with them! But Jarrah and Joy said, 'We love you, kittens, but we miss our mommies and daddies and need to go home.' So they crawled back through the tunnel...

David: ...and you never want to go in tunnels!

Sam: ...and they heard their mommies and daddies calling to them! And they had missed each other so much. After they hugged, the mommies and daddies said to Jarrah and Joy, 'Where did you go?' but Jarrah and Joy looked at each other and decided to keep The Land of Kittens a secret just between themselves...

David: ...and you NEVER want to keep secrets from your mommy and daddy!

Sam: (more nervously) ...and then they hugged again and Jarrah and Joy were so glad they were home. The End! Do you want another story?

Jarrah: I tell you story.

Sam: Great idea!

Jarrah: Unce a time...two girls...Jarrah and Joy...went in tunnel...saw kitties...kept secret. Went in tunnel...saw choo-choo train. Went in tunnel...kept secret. Came home. Missed you. Went in tunnel...kept secret. The End!

Sam & David: (applause)

Sam: Well! You've got some really impressive recall there!


Jen said...

Oh, this had me in stitches! Not only because of the adorable story Jarrah told, but because it rang so true. I am always finding myself starting to say something I shouldn't, and once it's out of my mouth, it's JUST TOO LATE.

And David's story editing was so funny. We do the same thing to each other!

Robyn said...

What an adorable story! I find myself saying things I never thought I'd have to say. Today it was, "Jared, don't lick the cement!" If anyone ever tries to tell you that Jarrah isn't talking at an age appropriate level be sure to tell them to cram it up their cramhole! Or something else more polite and appropriate.


Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS kept my tunnel adventures secret from my mom. :)

By the way, did G or I ever tell you G's "tunnel" story? Her mom told her not to cross the road. But she really wanted to cross the road b/c her friend lived over there. So instead of going across the road, she climbed into the culvert underneath it.

And she got stuck. And she had to call her mom to get her out. And her mom just yanked on her ankles really hard.

Now there's a story to tell a child to keep her out of tunnels.



Anonymous said...

I agree with Robyn. Well said! And, well said to Jarrah, too.


Mary (Who wishes there really is a "Land of Kittens")

Cheri said...

Priceless! Thanks for that.