Monday, December 11, 2006

Pavlov's Baby

Lately I've gotten the idea from other blogs that I read that "You Tube" is a fun little diversion, and Jarrah has been particularly partial to videos that feature other babies. Mostly, these babies are shown laughing or dancing, but she's not fussed on those. Yesterday afternoon, however, during "The Witching Hour" between afternoon snack and Husband's Arrival Home, I discovered a little clip (evidently from America's Funniest Home Videos?) that bewitched and enchanted her. So much, in fact, that we would still be watching it now if David hadn't finally come home (we were on Round 15 at that point.)

Anyone have any theories about the appeal of this one?


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, Sam! Well, aside from it having a baby in it, the running water may be a draw. Sage loves to play in the sink with the faucet running. Of course, the baby in the video is in control of the water, and Jarrah might like that, too!

Miss J

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jarrah is even more brilliant than we originally guessed, because her enjoyment is clearly being derived by the secret joke being spelled out by the chinese characters flashing across the screen. :-)

So smart!!


Jenn said...

This is very funny! Jarrah must realize how funny it is for a sleeping baby to turn on the water and go back to sleep. She probably loves the water aspect too. Is she too big for a bath in the sink? She might do funny video type things too! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I think one determined child recognizes another!

Best, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I've recently discovered, too, the magic of online videos to soothe toddlers. When Melia has a nightmare and is inconsolable, one of our best calming remedies is to hold her in our lap and watch a video... over and over and over and over again... until she drifts back to sleep. Melia's recent favorite is "Grease Babies":

Anonymous said...

I love this video! I have seen it before. But, it never gets old.

I gave Joy a bath in the sink a while back and she LOVED it. Water on, water off...