Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Red Carpet

As many of you have read in Samantha's post "Burnin' Love", our whole family made a short movie as part of the 48 Hour filmmaking competition. I have entered this competition for the last few years to help keep my filmmaking dreams alive, and Samantha is always there supporting in every way she can (writing, acting, crowd control.) This is the year we learned from past miskates; with a more experienced crew we focused on a simple story that works in seven minutes, reduced the number of locations to one, and limited our casting requirements by casting kitchen appliances in the lead roles. All this paid off, as our screening at Landmark La Jolla Village was a great success (the audience laughed at all the correct spots), and our team, Cane Toad Productions, won for Best Cinematography (see the complete list of winners.)

Now it is time that everyone gets to see it.

For those wanting a premium experience, download a high definition version here (PC only, and it is a big file around 270MB) :

Or for an easy-to-view copy, go to here :

Comments welcome!



Amy said...

David and Sam,
I was completely delighted by your film! You both, Jarrah and the entire cast and crew did an awesome job. It was even more fun because I have actually been "on location" wherer the actual garage sale and kitchen scenes were filmed...soooo cool! :) YOu have inspired me to try and attend the screening next year! COngrats on the cinematography really was effective.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Dear Sam & David & Jarrah:

I thought the film was funny! I liked it when Jarrah knocked down the fancy blender. And I also liked it when they went back to the garage sale to get the girlfriend blender.

Love, Laura (age 6 1/2 on July 28th)

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! Can see why you won for cinematography - great angles, from the appliances point of view!
Samantha, your southern drawl was hilarious.
But the star, of course was Jarrah! I see a career budding here.

Best, Gail

aaryn b. said...

I love the part about the love birds visiting their homeland of China. LOL! And Jarrah, of course, is darling.

Can't believe you guys did all that in 48 hours. Great work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and David,
Just downloaded the HD version. Loved it. Congratulations on the cinematography award.
Great to see Jarrah starring in her first role. Hope she doesn't get type cast as a cord-pulling appliance wrecker.
The West Australian premier screening of Burnin Love is next Sunday at a Newman family gathering.

Nanna and Grandad