Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Day

Just a quick check-in to report that David and I had a really nice anniversary today. I awoke to a smiling Jarrah opening the bedroom door (David had let me sleep in) in a giggly mood, and then a beautiful arrangement of gerber daisies in the kitchen, where David was also making us pancakes!

Jarrah did not get a rash this week, but she's been uncommonly tired, passing out early in the morning and then seeming groggy and weavy all afternoon. It's a bit concerning, but I've heard this can happen after booster shots. She's been well otherwise--no fever, and retains her hearty appetite.

This afternoon we took her to IKEA for the first time. It's weird that the last time we were there a baby was screaming and I said to David "What were we thinking?" Anyway, she loved it there, and spent a happy hour galloping through the aisles, weaving around tall folk, and flopping on furry or plastic furniture that was near to the ground. We went there because she is peculiarly fond of sitting in "real" chairs that she doesn't need assistance to get her butt into, and the ones at Pottery Barn are a million dollars. The one we found at IKEA was only $40, but then, as David put it, we discovered it was made of "polystyrene," or what in this country we would call styrofoam. Well, we weren't paying $40 for a chair that we could assemble ourselves from a computer packing box, but it was a diverting adventure nonetheless.

Tonight Dani came to babysit, bless her heart, as we had reservations for a fancy fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot, which ended up being quite divine. I got silly drunk on fancy martinis and had to ask David to explain the sauces about a dozen times, but the food was good fun, even though the "S'mores" dessert fondue was a little over the top. When we got home, we learned that Jarrah had stood in front of the tiny square of glass in our front door for 20 minutes after we left, and pretty much cried until she passed out for the evening, which was very sad to hear. She seems to actually be getting less tolerant of babysitters the longer she's with us, perhaps because we have evolved from being "those two people that supply all my snacks now" to something a little more intimate (though frankly, I'm not sure what could be more intimate to our little Miss Jarrah than her snacks.)

We're going to keep working on this babysitting thing, though, because I am determined to get back to regular movie-going sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

And about that babysitting time: while you can rent dvds, we can't rent another writing teacher like you...

Best, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam
I heard you on the radio and was so excited! I feel like I've had a brush with celebrity. I immediately told anyone who would listen about it, just like I did the time I saw Brad Pitt in a coffee shop. ;)
Even more exciting was hearing that you finally have your daughter and then reading about it here. Congrats to you and your lovely little family!!! Jarrah's a star. and I love,love,love her name.
Thanks for writing it all down and letting the rest of us read it-
-Nelwyn (used to come to Monday WW group)

Anonymous said...

A very happy anniversary to you both! xxx lix

Mary and Paul said...

So many of my favorites in this post, including Jarrah and Ikea!!!!

We can tag team babysit!